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Youtube to Mp3 Converter

There, we can view movies, play videos, and take in music. Do you know that we can use a programme to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files? These days, YouTube has everything.


  • With our online YouTube to MP3 converter, you can quickly convert and download your chosen videos to audio files in all browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera without having to download any additional software.
  • For converting YouTube videos to mp3 files on Android, iPhone, iPad, MAC, and Windows, there are several platforms available, including YTMp3, Y2Mate, Y2mate, Getmp3, and many others.
  • It can convert YT videos to MP3 music at bitrates of up to 320kbps.
  • You can convert an infinite amount of YouTube videos without registering.
  • You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio format by using the website YouTube to Mp3 Converter.
  • Simply enter the YouTube video’s URL and click the convert button to transform the selected video. A few simple actions will help you get the MP3 file.
  • Because of this, we advise choosing one of our free desktop applications or staying with the items on our list (see below).

The following are precautions to be observed when utilizing a free YouTube to MP3 Converter:

  • Visit the official website to obtain the tool.
  • It is advisable to scan the download with a trustworthy antivirus application.
  • Use caution when putting sensitive data into the forms.
  • Few software packages let you search for videos directly from the tool. When using this feature, consider caution since some tools may download videos that violate the law.
  • Watch your PC after installing the tool to see if it starts functioning abnormally. You must completely uninstall the device in this situation.
  • You will gain knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the various instruments, assisting you in selecting the best tool for the task.

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Compatibility of devices with YouTube to MP3 Converters:

  • The file will be transformed by the online tool, and you can download the finished product. The capacity to download these transformed files is constrained by specific internet programmes.
  • For instance, due to browser compatibility concerns, YouTubetoMP3 may not let you download the file on iOS devices.
  • Desktop applications are commonly available on Windows systems. For example, consider aTube Catcher.

Why is the Mp3 Audio Format So Popular?

MP3 is the most popular audio format. By producing these files at various bit rates, you can control the file’s quality and size. It is the ideal format for file exchange on the Internet because of the small file size.

The following are features that YouTube to MP3 Converter can offer:

  • the capacity for high resolution file conversion.
  • a file conversion option for quality choosing.
  • You might be able to download the subtitles with specific software.
  • Several high-end applications, such as 4K Video Downloader, provide cutting-edge features including cross-platform compatibility and the capacity to download 3D YouTube clips.
  • It will be useful to have the option to download playlists in bulk (Watch Later Playlist, etc.).
  • The majority of solutions let you to convert the file into formats other than MP3 as well.

Is it Legal or Illegal?

Despite being a premium service, YouTube Red enables users to legally download videos.
It is technically illegal to download copyrighted material, yet it is acceptable to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files.
It is prohibited, according to, to download a personal copy of a YouTube video using a converter.
It is acceptable to download a YouTube video that has been converted into a Mp3 file, though.

Top Sites List of Youtube To MP3 Converter:

Some of the names that best YouTube to MP3 converters:


YTMP3 is remarkably user-friendly and reliable
  • The definition of classic, it is. For a free YouTube to Mp3 Converter, it is remarkably user-friendly and reliable. You can download and convert after quickly pasting a YouTube URL.
  • A website called YTMP3 has developed an Android application.
  • To convert the audio to MP3 and download it to your device, you can incorporate a YouTube link in the app or website.
  • Simple audio and video formats can be converted.
  • The MP3s are swiftly created, with outstanding quality, and a manageable file size. A positive is conversion to MP4.


  • YTMP3 handles the complete process of converting YouTube videos to MP3 files.
  • It has existed for a long time and gone under different names.
  • There is also an iOS app, however it is less useful than the Android app.


  • YouTube video to MP3 conversion
  • There is no need to register.
  • There is also a Chrome addon accessible.
  • No charge


  • It takes a while
  • Popup ads could be malicious

Plans and Pricing:

  • It is totally Free. Just Drop the Youtube URL in the Search box


You can download HD-quality audio and video files from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Youku, and Vimeo using the online, comprehensive, and specialised programme Y2mate. There are numerous file formats that can be used, including M4V, MP4, MO, FLV, WebM, and WMV.

Key Features of Y2mate

You can download media from YouTube, convert YouTube to MP3 audio files, and more using the web application Y2mate. To better help you understand what to anticipate, below is a closer look at each instrument.

Supported Formats

Y2mate supports various audio and video formats, including AVI, MP4, FLV and MPG.


  • You can download any quantity of audio or video files for free using Y2mate.
  • Because it runs on the cloud, conversion and download are completed quickly and with high efficiency.
  • While using Y2mate, you are not required to disclose any personal information.
  • It may be utilised on all platforms thanks to the web programme Y2mate.


  • The Y2mate app is an online web application and therefore is not suitable for those looking for an offline solution.

Pricing and Plans

  • Y2mate does not require registration or other further add-ons in order to be used. To download audio or video files, all you need is a contemporary web browser like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome and an internet connection.

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  • The YouTube Catcher performs two tasks: it downloads YouTube videos as MP3 files and it captures screen activity.
  • Our application is appropriate for both beginners and experts, and its cross-platform compatibility attribute places it among the top options on this list.
  • It strives to conserve your computer resources and bandwidth.


  • With ATube Catcher, you can download numerous files at once and convert YouTube videos to mp3 files, saving you time and effort.
  • The built-in disc-burning tool can be used without the need to find extra software.
  • The Video Downloader – ATube Catcher can download and convert video files, enabling you to swiftly download videos from the websites it supports.
  • A tube catcher can easily use each feature because they are all on separate tabs.


ATube catcher is slower than other video and audio downloading programs.

Key Features of ATube catcher

  • Here are some essential benefits of using the aTube Catcher.
  • AVI and WMV files can be converted into MPEG, FLV, or MP4 formats via a tube catcher.
  • You also have batch conversion accessible, which you can configure to convert as many files simultaneously as you like, depending on the computer’s resources.

Pricing and plans

Every user has access to a tube catcher for free. It is safe and clean, unlike other programs.


With the help of VideoProc, you can rapidly download and convert YouTube to MP3 videos to MP3, M4A, MP4, MKV, etc. It also provides speedy batch file converting.

  • With the help of the sophisticated and functional video processing tool VideoProc, you can swiftly edit, convert, and trim big films and audio files.
  • VideoProc can save audio, video, playlists, and channels from more than a thousand websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and others.
  • You may also compress big videos with it.


  • Additionally, you can change the pace, fix shaky movies, compress videos, or turn videos into GIFs.
  • large/4K/HD videos that were captured on any device are expertly processed.
  • Strong, quick conversion (multi-track, DVD video, and audio), with a large number of supported formats and profiles.
  • Large videos can be reduced in size by up to 90% without losing quality.


  • excellent customer service.
  • It is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive.
  • supported audio and video formats, as well as DVD formats.
  • Apple, Google, and Microsoft products, as well as other well-known ones, are all supported.
  • The cost of the lifetime licence is reasonable. It is surprisingly inexpensive.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the buyer isn’t happy with the merchandise.


  • Linux is not currently compatible with the tool.
  • It has simple functionality and only supports media files up to five minutes in length.
  • For people to gain a feel for the product prior to purchase, advanced functionality would be greatly appreciated in the free trial.
  • Additional capabilities for this tool can include teamwork, social sharing, media overlays, brand overlays, and audio tools.


  • Let’s go over this tool’s costing. Although there is no free edition of VideoProc, you can process media files during a 5-minute trial period. It has basic characteristics.
  • A one-year licence costs $30. A lifetime licence is also available for half the cost.
  • You’ll save $30 this way.

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  • One comprehensive online Youtube to Mp3 converter with a wide range of supported formats is Convertio.
  • You can convert a wide variety of formats, including CAD and PDF files, audio and video archives, photos, ebooks, papers, and presentations.
  • With internet access, there are no platform restrictions.
  • As long as you have a modern web browser and an internet connection, you may work with a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.


  • Integrated OCR tool
  • work on all platforms
  • Security and privacy are guaranteed
  • Batch processing is quick and effective, and it is simple to use.
  • It is compatible with almost 300 formats.


  • The maximum file size for the free version is 100 MB.
  • There are no adverts on Convertio.
  • It is simple and straightforward to use, especially for beginners.
  • Convertio will make an effort to complete the output in under two minutes.
  • works on all platforms as long as the prerequisites, such as internet access and Web browser software, are met.

Supported Formats

  • We’ve listed the main categories that Convertio supports along with the many formats offered for each kind to help you better understand how to utilise Convertio’s capabilities.
  • At a look, you can tell if the conversion is supported.


  • There are some restrictions, such as a cap on the number of large files you can restore at once, even though you can convert files without paying anything.
  • It might, however, get around this restriction by enrolling in one of Convertio’s commercial programmes. $9.99 per month to $15.58 per month.

  • One of the most popular YouTube to Mp3 Converters is called YT Saver. It enables downloading of music from more than 10,000 streaming services, such as TikTok, Spotify, and YouTube (Facebook and Instagram).
  • You can download any format, including MOV, MOV, and AAC. With YT Saver, you may download YouTube playlists or channels at high resolutions including HD, 1080p, and 4K.


  • Downloading of music and video at up to 10X speed
  • Save HD videos and the audio in several formats.
  • Spotify and YouTube tracks with a 320kbps bitrate can be saved. Multiple languages of lyrics are available for download. YouTube to MP3, MP4, FLAC/AAC, FLAC, and M4A conversion.
  • mass MP3 conversion of playlists from YouTube.


  • The application instals quickly and effortlessly, the features are more stable and complete, and the pricing is the lowest of all rivals.
  • In our tests, the download speed was the fastest and most seamless for audio files, and the sound quality was absolutely lossless.
  • In addition to YouTube, it is compatible with a wide range of popular websites, including Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and many more.
  • Updates frequently and considers client feedback.
  • It is a premium Website


  • The appealing pricing options of YT Saver will appeal to people who want to listen to music and view videos offline.
  • A one-year Business Plan will set you back $355.95.
  • The Lifetime package is $49.95 in price.
  • The cost is $39.95 for a whole year.
  • The cost is $29.95 for a month.

  • You can download audio from YouTube to MP3 using Click Downloader.
  • Additionally, you can download full albums and playlists from YouTube.
  • It was made with Windows OS in mind. Additionally, you may download and convert videos and subtitles to MP4 and other formats with it.
  • With the Chrome or Firefox browsers, it functions natively.


  • The user interface for this programme is really easy to understand and navigate.
  • Its robust capabilities enable it to download YouTube videos as well as playlists, channels, and personal videos.
  • Download personal videos without providing the app with your login information from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • When you are logged in, the software will retrieve data from your web browser.
  • supports high-quality video output in all popular file formats.
  • The top 100 videos should be added to a queue for later download.


  • It only works with Windows.
  • There is no ByClick Downloader for Mac.
  • Your computer uses a lot of memory when it is set to download videos quickly.
  • To save resources, you might want to change the settings on an older computer.


  • After installing ByClick Downloader for free, you can utilise its free services.
  • If you want to use the premium features, you may purchase a lifetime membership for 30 USD or a 1-year plan for 11.9 USD.
  • Currently, ByClick Downloader is available for lifetime purchase for just $14.99 USD during a short-term promotion.

4K Youtube to MP3


  • With this tool, you may convert YouTube videos to MP3.
  • Copy the song’s link, and then type it into the application.
  • You can store the music after the download is finished on your computer, phone, tablet, or flash drive and carry it around with you at all times.
  • We adore their user-friendly design, quick music storage, and simplicity of use.

MP3 Studio

  • MP3.Studio can do more than just download YouTube videos as mp3s.
  • The comprehensive software platform enables you to download, save, and play your preferred videos.
  • Any YouTube video may be downloaded and converted using MP3 Studio into formats including MP3, MP4, WMV, MOV, and others.
  • It supports Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms in addition to YouTube.


  • Downloads in MP3, MP4, AVI, and many other formats with resolutions up to 8K.
  • ID3 tag editing is available.
  • The capacity to download full YouTube playlists and channels, as well as multiple downloads
  • Works with YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and other networks.


  • The free edition offers three daily conversions.
  • Plans are offered on a monthly basis for Android ($4.99), Windows ($5.99), and Mac ($5.99).
  • $25 provides you a lifetime licence with unlimited conversions.
  • SHELP is the discount code (Limited-time Offer).


This YouTube to MP3 Converter is free and was made by DVDVideoSoft

This YouTube to MP3 Converter is free and was made by DVDVideoSoft. All systems, including Android, Mac, and PC, are compatible with it. You can be confident you’re getting the best tool because there are more than 200 million users.


  • YouTube to MP3 conversion for 320 kbps MP3 files
  • Convert lossless audio in OGG, OGG, or FLAC.
  • The original audio files without transcoding are available for download.
  • Create MP3 files from playlists on YouTube.


  • You may rapidly download videos using our video downloader.
  • It has a screen recording feature that lets you capture videos.
  • You have the choice to use this video downloader’s capabilities to retrieve data from your YouTube playlist.
  • High-quality videos can be converted with the help of the built-in video converter.


  • Interface slows occasionally
  • Toolbar includes bloatware
  • formats for limited conversion
  • cannot select video quality


  • It is Free
  • No limits for download/per day



  • A quick and simple YouTube to MP3 converter is
  • It is also possible to upload/transfer downloaded MP3s from your PC to an MP3 player such an iPhone or Android.
  • To make it simpler for you to download the finished product, you can additionally reduce the audio and/or video.



  • With Ontiva’s YouTube downloader, you may convert YouTube to MP3, MP4,.WAV, and FLAC.
  • Additionally, you can download playlists or change videos into GIFs.
  • Direct file conversion is done from the video download page.
  • User data is protected using safe SSL encryption.
  • Users can download and convert multiple files.


  • smooth interface for navigation
  • It is free, doesn’t require registration, and offers speedier, higher-quality downloads.
  • There is no need for additional software.


There is no known issue at the moment.


It is Free

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • Any YouTube video can be converted using Free YouTube to MP3 Conversion into a WAV or MP3 file.
  • It has no restrictions and is totally free.
  • Multiple video batch conversions can be completed fast.
  • You can sync the downloaded files with your iOS or Android phone to access them when offline.


It is Free

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For offline use, enables you to download videos from more than 1000 websites in Mp3 format. Converters for MP3 and MP4 files are rapid, dependable, secure, and simple to use. Using is cost-free.


  • The website is a reliable resource.
  • Because there are no broken links or other issues, the website provides a very safe environment for its users.
  • There is excellent news: is free of obtrusive advertising.
  • The website is free of viruses.
  • With, you may convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file.
  • Before being downloaded for offline listening, it can easily convert videos to different audio file formats.
  • It is supported by the PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android operating systems.


  • Most people are not familiar with this website.
  • Functionality is slowed down by network instability.
  • The website cannot evaluate the video over a subpar network.



  • Additionally, the website enables you to download playlists, channels, and other videos from YouTube directly from your computer browser.
  • You may crop YouTube videos with Youtube Cutter.
  • You may download full HD/4K/8K videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram using the robust iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.
  • The MP4 and M3 formats are supported for audio and video conversion by the Youtube Downloader by iTubeGo.
  • Download a simple-to-use YouTube to MP4 converter from hqFreedownloadhq.
  • The tool will begin downloading the MP4 video you want after you enter your URL in the search box.


  • 1 Month Plan – $9.95
  • 1 Year Plan – $24.95
  • Lifetime Plan – $29.95
  • Family Plan – $39.95

by, you may save your preferred videos from various social networking sites


  • With the help of the video downloader, you may save your preferred videos from various social networking sites. Videos that you can view can be saved.
  • Videos can be exported in a variety of formats, including Full HD and Full HD with 1080P.


A YouTube to MP3 converter is oDownloader. It can grab playlists from YouTube and convert YouTube videos into MP3 format. oDownloader works with any mobile and desktop device.


  • Online YouTube to MP3 conversion at 320 kbps
  • It is also possible to extract and convert YouTube playlists.
  • Speeds of conversion are at an all-time high.
  • There are no commercials. Three languages are accepted.
  • Choose a video from over ten different kinds and levels of quality.
  • automated video conversion
  • Without advertisements
  • Play and stream are done before downloading.
  • Batch downloads are supported.
  • Stream movies from more than a thousand websites.
  • The capacity of the tool to look up videos.


It is free

EaseUS MobiMover

  • YouTube videos may be downloaded for free to your laptop with EaseUS MobiMover.
  • Insert the video URL of your choice into EaseUS MobileMover.
  • You may download videos from more than 1,000 websites with EaseUS MobiMover, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • On enable offline watching, you can store the video to your iPhone or iPad that is linked to a computer.


  • available for iOS and Windows
  • Any number of transfers is possible (with a paid plan)
  • There are several devices involved.
  • a second phone
  • Free version
  • Technical support
  • Money-back assurance 30 day benefits: Positive
  • Data may be moved painlessly from an iPhone to a Mac or PC.


a fully functional free plan
Simple to use software
a 30-day money-back guarantee
a huge knowledge base, and helpful customer support


  • Daily file limit of 20 for the free plan
  • Only iOS and Windows are supported; Android is not supported.


Pricing for Windows users of MobiMover is $23.95 per month for a license.

  • An annual license costs $29.95.
  • for a lifetime license, $69.95

Pricing for MobiMover on macOS:

  • A monthly license costs $29.95.
  • An annual license costs $39.95.
  • A lifetime license costs $79.95.


  • Users of the MP3 and MP4 formats can only utilise this online tool.
  • One of the most accessible converters, it is easy to use.
  • You can either enter the YouTube video’s URL directly into your browser or search for it using keywords.
  • Next, decide if you want an MP4 or M3 format.


It’s Free


  • Using the programme MiniTool uTube, you may quickly download music from YouTube to Mp3. A free freeware called YouTube Downloader converts YouTube to MP3 and WAV.
  • The built-in search feature makes this software special.
  • You may easily search for the music or videos you’re looking for with just one click.
  • You can download several YouTube 4K/1080P/720P videos at once. Additionally, you can download playlists and subtitles to your PC.


  • The MiniTool uTube Downloader has an excellent UI.
  • It helps them to quickly follow up on requests based on interest.
  • The MiniTool uTube Downloader works well as of right now.
  • MiniTool provides excellent and handy uTube Downloader Support.
  • A decent programme has to attempt.

No-cost Trial: On the official website, which we previously mentioned, you should verify this.


The MiniTool uTube Downloader is very user-friendly.


No issue


Free or Premium both are available

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Other Related Youtube to Mp3 Converter Sites:

  • Quick YouTube to MP3 Converter: GetMp3
  • is a trustworthy, lightning-fast YouTube to mp3 converter.
  • Without using any tricks, convert YouTube videos to MP3 with
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP4, MP3, or M4A formats at
  • Save MP3 files from YouTube videos to your computer at
  • You may convert YouTube to mp3 at high quality, up to 320kbps, using
  • The fastest online YouTube to MP3 and MP4 conversion is available at You don’t have to download anything or register.
  • Download and convert HD YouTube videos at
  • Free YouTube to MP3, MP4, 3GP, and other format conversion at
  • Get high-quality MP3 files directly from YouTube by visiting
  • To convert Youtube videos to mp3, mp4, webm, and mkv, visit Youtube to MP3 Converter.
  • Convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, and 500 other websites at
  • A quick YouTube to MP3 converter that accepts the MP3 format is
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 using

You can download music, video, playlists and video from over 10,000 websites. Videos can also be converted to MOV, AAC, or WAV.

For the best MP3s (larger files)

If you’re looking for an online downloader that permits CD-quality audio extraction from YouTube videos, these services are your best option. Just be aware that internet downloaders might be disabled at any time because they aren’t always utilised for legal purposes.

  • If you create an account on, you can download files at a bitrate of up to 320 kbps. If you don’t have an account, you can only get 128kbps.
  • Obtain the file from
  • MP3 files in the quality you’ve chosen, from 64 kbps to 320 kbps.
  • Download MP3s between 64 and 320 kbps from any YouTube video using
  • Using this converter, you can choose between bitrates of 128 kbps, 256 kbps, and 320 kbps.
  • Download high-quality variable bitrate (VBR) MP3 files from any YouTube video using this link:

For lower-quality MP3s, i.e. smaller files

If you do not need the best possible quality, try one of these:

Open Video Downloader (Windows, Mac, & Linux)

  • Download a safe, open-source, free YouTube downloader with high-quality audio at
  • To download and install Microsoft Store on Windows, click the “GET” icon.
  • Users of macOS or Linux should click the “download” button and then double-click the downloaded DMG file to begin the installation process.
  • Look up YouTube videos that you wish to save as MP3s.
  • Through the address bar, copy the YouTube video’s url.
  • Clicking the address bar will highlight the URL, which you may then copy by pressing Control + C on a computer or Command + C on a Mac.
  • Open Video Downloader should be launched. You can locate it in the Applications folder on your Mac or the Start menu in Windows.
  • from the “top” of the screen, copy the URL. Paste can be selected by clicking on the right side of the mouse or by pressing Control+V.
  • To paste the URL, click the plus sign (+). The video will be assessed by Open Video Downloader, which will also offer alternatives for downloading it.
  • In the first drop-down menu that displays, select only audio.
  • Select the download option. It is the Arrow on the right-hand left side that points downward.
  • After the MP3 file has finished downloading, click “Show the file in your Folder” to access it there.

SnapDownloader (Windows & Mac)

  • A great option for downloading any YouTube video in high-quality MP3 format as well as videos from other websites like Facebook and Twitter is SnapDownloader.
  • On your PC or Mac, download the trial version of Snap Downloader.
  • Although the application is not free, it does offer a lengthy trial period so that customers can evaluate it before buying.

Follow the Steps Below:

  • Install the app after downloading it from
  • Copy the video’s URL from the browser or app on YouTube.
  • The link can then be copied by clicking the URL bar, selecting it, and pressing Control + C on a PC or Command + C on a Mac.
  • Add SnapDownloader with the video URL.
  • To do this, choose “Paste” from the menu when you right-click on SnapDownloader’s right-hand side.
  • Choose the Audio format. This menu can be found on the application’s left side. The format of the audio files is your choice.
  • Under Output Format, select MP3. You will now see options for audio quality unique to the MP3 format.
  • Choose the best MP3 you can find. Choose 320 Kbps, 256 Kbps, or 128 Kbps to get the best quality.
  • To choose further configuration settings, such as choosing an appropriate download folder to use for downloading your most recent files, pick the “download” tab at the top of the page.
  • To download, click.
  • Your PC will now have the MP3 file saved.

MediaHuman-YouTube to MP3 Converter (Windows, Mac, Linux)

You can use the application to download the 320 Kbps MP3 audio recordings of any YouTube video, including all videos in a playlist. This free YouTube to MP3 converter is simple to use and is accessible for download on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux.

  • Visit the Media Human official website and select Download for Mac or Download for Windows 64-bit (or 32-bit, depending on your PC’s architecture) to begin the installation process for Windows or macOS.
  • Apt-get can be used to install the programme if you’re installing Linux.

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Make your Mp3 preferences 

The standard bitrate for MP3 is 128 kbps. You must first change the bitrate if you want a file of greater quality:

  • Visit the Media Human YouTube to MP3 Converter page.
  • Then select “Preferences” from the Gear icon.
  • Choosing the “Output Audio” Tab
  • Choose the desired bitrate, such as 128 kbps, 256 kbps, 320 kbps, or 480 kbps, under the “Output format section.”
  • The file name’s format can be be changed to title-Artist, Playlist, etc.
  • Before creating the files, you may also edit your Tags using ID3 under the “Tags” tab.
  • When finished, be sure to click the “OK” button.

Copy the URL of the playlist 

  • To do this, open YouTube, the playlist on YouTube, or the video in your browser, then highlight the URL in the address bar.
  • To copy the URL, press Control + C on a PC or Command + C on a Mac.

Click “+ Paste” the link in MediaHuman

  • There will be a preview shown.
  • To add an entire playlist to your download queue, click the list icon to the right of the playlist’s name. This will add every song to your download queue.
  • It is located in the upper right corner.
  • MP3 files are downloaded during the download. Installing MP3 files on your computer.

Byclicking Downloader (PC)-Youtube to Mp3 Converter

Installation of ByClick Downloader

  • This free programme allows you to download every YouTube video in high-quality MP3 format.
  • On your Windows computer, access the official Byclickdownloader website. Click the “Download” button to download the installer, then double-click it to install the app.

Select your ByClick downloader preferences

  • Once the programme is installed, launch it and use the toolbar at the top of the screen to change your preferences.
  • Choose Folder To choose where to save your MP3 file, pick the link located beneath the Folder’s icon.
  • Choose the Format
  • To choose the MP3 format, click here.
  • “Choose quality” Choose the highest quality option under “Choose Quality” if you want the highest-quality (320 Kbps) file.
  • You can also select the “Custom” option and go with a lesser bitrate.

Select Youtube Url Address

  • Open the YouTube video in your web browser so you can find the URL when you’re ready to download it.
  • The address bar will then display; click to highlight the URL, then press “Control+C” on a PC or “Command+C” on a Mac to copy it.

Go back by ByClick, then click to paste the URL.

  • The screen will display a preview of your film, and clicking it will instantly download the MP3 to your PC.
  • When the file has finished downloading, the tile will display “Download Complete.”

Youtube to MP3 Converter on iPhone/IPad

  • Open the “App Store” application to start the download.
  • “Documents by readdle” search
  • The “GET” button is located to the right of the title “Documents – File Reader. Browser.”
  • The upper left corner of the application displays a black “D” emblem with yellow and green colours.
  • You will be prompted to pay for a subscription as well. To proceed to the main Documents screen, simply click the Skip button and then click Yes when prompted.
  • Open Documents in your web browser. To access the built-in browser for Documents, tap the Browser icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Utilize our list to find a safe YouTube converter for your browser.
  • Click the URL to access the YouTube video you want to download.
  • The simplest method is to search for the video in the YouTube app. When the video has been opened, click “Share” link video and then copy the URL.
  • Reopen the Documents tab in the browser and enter your URL there.
  • There will be a box where you can paste the URL in the online converter.
  • Press and hold the area on the top side of the screen, then select “paste” to paste the URL.
  • From the drop-down option, select Music.
  • To choose the quality you want to download, you must choose MP3.
  • Any kbps Mp3 download quality is available for selection.
  • You’ll have the option to download, save, convert, and download your file after making your decision.
  • The quality improves with increasing bit rate (KBPS).
  • Please touch Do it after choosing a place to save to. The MP3 download will begin downloading to your iPhone as soon as you complete the download.
  • The Documents by Readdle folder on your iPhone contains a directory called Download, which is where downloads are stored by default.
  • No matter where you save the files, you may open the audio file you downloaded using the Files app on your iPhone.
  • You may access your downloads by using the arrows on the right side. It displays both active downloads and any previous downloads you may have made.
  • Allow the download to finish for a few minutes. They could take some time to download because they are pretty large files.
  • Maintain your composure. if it seems like your progress bar is still. It will disappear after the download is finished.
  • Your MP3 music file is playable. You may now play the MP3 by clicking on it in your Readdle-downloaded documents or by opening the Files app on your iPad or iPhone and then selecting My iPhone > Documents by Readdle.

Benefits of Tools for Converting Youtube to Mp3

Although there are numerous music services available, such as Spotify and Amazon Music, the majority of YouTube to Mp3 converters are free. In addition, YouTube offers a wider variety of music than other websites.

  • sound clarity
  • Files are smaller, and it is easier to save
  • There is no need for the internet to play audio.
  • You can keep all of your files in one place.
  • There are no delays or advertising on a specific website.
  • Free, unlimited listening
  • The phrase “YouTube to MP3” is included, which explains why these converters are so well-liked.
  • You simply need to convert the music file once, after which you can use and store the MP3 file indefinitely. Y
  • The converted file can be played without an internet connection on any MP3-compatible device.
  • These programmes can also let you cut off the desired part of videos so you can use it to make a ringtone.
  • People utilise YouTube to MP3 converters due to their capabilities and advantages.

Cons of Converting Youtube to MP3:

The majority of music videos on YouTube are copyrighted. You can convert them to an mp3 file using any website on the Internet or an app from the App Store.

  • Since Mp3 doesn’t use a lossless method, the audio quality is diminished in order to make the file smaller.
  • Because Mp3 extensions are more vulnerable to malware attacks, the system may suffer significant damage.
  • The mp3’s audio quality is impacted by the compression and conversion software utilised.
  • The inability of artists whose “music videos” are not copyrighted to receive remuneration has also been exacerbated by mp3 conversions. The user prefers to listen to the mp3 file rather than returning to the artist’s channel to watch the film when these movies are updated to include an mp3 extension.

How To Download A Youtube Playlist?

Follow the steps below to download YouTube playlists:

The majority of music videos on YouTube are copyrighted. You can convert them to an mp3 file using any website on the Internet or an app from the App Store.

  • On your mobile device or computer, download and install any tool, such as Vidmate, Videoder, Tubemate, Snaptube, and Instube.
  • Open each YouTube channel by going to YouTube in the top bar.
  • Once the YouTube channel has loaded, select any playlist by clicking on Playlists, then click Download.
  • The playlist URL can also be downloaded via a web browser or the YouTube app, then pasted into Videoder to begin downloading.
  • Let’s say you routinely consume YouTube content. Then, it’s possible that you’re adding your favourite videos to a playlist for subsequent viewing. But if your Internet connection is slow, streaming videos can be frustrating because it consumes a lot of bandwidth.
  • Fortunately, there is software available for downloading YouTube videos that can assist you in these circumstances. What transpires, though, if you have to download the full playlist?
  • While you might choose to download each file separately, doing so would take a long time.

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Youtube to Mp3-FAQ’s

Is YouTube to MP3 player safe?

The website is deemed secure by Norton Safe Web. However, that just applies to the website; based on user comments, pop-up advertisements are not particularly secure.

What Youtube to MP3 converter should I use?

SnapDownloader is one of the greatest programmes for converting your favourite YouTube videos to MP3 files. It can transcode videos with the highest-quality audio and download them rapidly.

Does converting YouTube to MP3 ruin quality?

When you download music as an MP3 from YouTube, the sound quality is superb and just what you wanted. The majority of converters allow you to choose the desired level of audio fidelity, with the best rate reaching 320 kbps at 16-bit.

Are YouTube audio 128kbps?

A YouTube video’s audio is typically encoded as 126 kbps AAC in an MP4 container or 50–165 kbps Opus in a WebM container.

What does converting to MP3 do? 

When you convert a song from a lossless to a lossy format, such WAV to MP3, you lose a lot of information. MP3 is so small because the original audio was removed. If you convert a lossy MP3 file back to a lossless WAV file, you won’t get any of the data back.

Where do Youtubers use copyrighted music?

If you want to use copyrighted music on YouTube, you’ll need to go ask the creator for their permission. That is the second feature of music licencing. The goal of YouTube’s music policy is to guarantee that authors receive payment when their works are exploited, as required by copyright law.

Can the audio file be edited?

For Microsoft Windows users who want to edit audio files, WavePad is an excellent programme that can be downloaded for free. This tool supports a wide range of audio formats, including FLAC, Ogg, Wav, mp3, vox, gsm, real audio, au, aif, and many others.

Can MP3 files be edited?

It is straightforward to modify MP3 files using audio editing software for tasks like encoding or decoding, making mixtapes, cutting or fading out a song, and loudness equalisation. Learn how to use audio editing software on your favourite platform to modify a YouTube to MP3 file after the jump.

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