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Disney plus error code 39

Disney Plus error code 39 is a rights management code that often indicates that the secure connection that the streaming service expects cannot be delivered by your streaming configuration. An issue with your Disney Plus app, your streaming device, your HDMI cable, or even your television could prohibit a safe HDMI handshake. If you can fix this problem, error code 39 won’t show up anymore.

What Caused Disney Plus Error Code 39?

If you’ve been streaming from your Xbox One to your PC using the Windows 10 Xbox app, close the programme and stop. Your Xbox One and the Disney Plus software may both need to be rebooted. After you cease streaming from your Xbox One to your PC, error code 39 should go.

After analysing user feedback, we came to the conclusion that the following elements are the main reasons for Error Code 39 on Disney Plus.

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Excessive Devices: 

Streaming service providers typically have restrictions on the number of devices that a single account may use to access their services. They are protected from illicit redistribution as a result, and they also get additional subscriptions, which aid in funding their library. Disney Plus Error Code 39 will appear as a result if you have several devices logged into your account.

USB Port: 

On some devices, the message “This means that the movie you are trying to watch cannot be viewed at this time” appears when an error code 39 occurs. It’s possible that Disney+ or the accessibility of specific rights are the cause of this issue. However, sometimes this error might occur as a result of improper HDMI port settings or faulty HDMI cable installation.


The error code 39 is more likely to appear if you are using a projector to stream content from Disney+ because most projectors require the usage of a “VGA to HDMI or VGA to DVI” converter, which Disney+ doesn’t work well with.

Streaming Xbox Apps:

The Disney+ service thinks your Xbox is trying to open two streams of material, which causes a server error. You can stream video from Disney+ using a Windows programme as well, however if you had a stream open on your PC when you tried to stream from the Xbox, Disney Plus error code 39 would have been displayed.


Elgato is a programme used to record television programmes for later watching, although in order to prevent piracy of their material, streaming services usually take precautions to prevent console and TV screen recording. Therefore, if such a device is connected to the television, Error Code 39 is likely to emerge.


Disney Plus has anti-content piracy measures in place that stop users from screen-recording, but these measures can occasionally backfire if a user is utilising connecters and the service recognises them as recording devices. If this occurs while you are connecting to the television using converters, Error Code 39 will probably show.

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Fixing the Disney Plus Error Code 39

Follow the easy quick steps to fix Disney Plus error code 39:

  • PowerCycling Devices:
  1. Remove the TV’s power plug, make a connection, and turn it off.
  2. The last 15 seconds saw the power button on.
  3. You may restart after two minutes.
  4. Check to check if the error code is still appearing on devices after a short while.
  5. Repeat this process to ensure eradication from your console as well.

Reinstalling and Resetting

  1. The Disney Plus software Get rid of that.
  2. Turn off the Xbox for the last five minutes.
  3. Install the programme once again.
  4. Whether or not error code 39 for 40 mints appears on your screen, look for it.

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Applying Workarounds to Xbox One

  1. After removing the HDMI cable from the “Game” connection on your TV or console, connect it to a new port.
  2. To see if the Disney Plus error code 39 still occurs, try signing out of the WiFi, totally power cycling your console, and then signing back in.
  3. Check to check if someone else is broadcasting on the Xbox PC software using your account.
  4. You can totally factory reset your Xbox One as a last option to fix the Disney+ Error Code 39.

Contacting Customer Support

Another option is to try contacting Disney+ Customer Support and asking them to help you with this. They may need to alter your account’s configuration on their end to resolve the problem, or it could be a problem with their servers. In that case, you might think about contacting customer service.

Activate Disney Plus

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