Disney Plus Error Code 1026

Disney Plus Error Code 1026

The cache of the Disney Plus app can be damaged, which would result in a malfunction and Disney Plus Error Code 1026. Incorrect router configuration, ISP restrictions, or Disney servers blacklisting the device’s IP address are further potential causes of the issue.

The following notification appears when a user launches the Disney Plus app, which is troublesome.

Such as There is a problem, “Please close the app and try once more”.

Error code 1026 for Disney Plus is Auth Service INIT Failure.

To fix Disney Plus issue 1026, try the solutions suggested below, but first, make sure the Disney Plus servers are up and running. Additionally, make sure the firmware on your device is updated to the latest version (e.g., check if the firmware of the Samsung Smart TV is updated).

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Restart Your Device and Networking Hardware:

  • Switch off your router, Samsung smart TV, and other devices.
  • After five minutes, reconnect the devices to the power source and switch them back on.
  • To check if the error number 1026 has been repaired, wait a minute after the devices have been properly turned on before launching the Disney Plus app.

Check the Status of Your Disney Plus Account:

  • Use the Disney Plus mobile app or launch a web browser and visit the Disney Plus website if the TV app isn’t working properly.
  • Enter your login credentials now, then click the user icon in the top right.
  • A notification advising that verification is necessary will then show up.
  • Next, tap that message and, if necessary, input the OTP code (sent via an email message to your registered email address).
  • Once the account has been verified, open the Disney Plus app to see if the error code 1026 has been repaired.

Log out of the Disney Plus App on all devices:

  • Ensure that Disney Plus is registered with you.
  • then select “Profile” from the menu in the top right corner (lower right on mobile devices).
  • From the “Account Details” box, choose “Log out of all devices.”
  • Use your current password to log out.
  • Check to see if the Disney Plus error code 1026 issue has been resolved after launching the Disney app on the problematic device.

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The Clear Cache and Data of the Disney Plus App:

  • Navigate to Settings from the home screen.
  • Under Apps, choose “Disney+” > “Storage.”
  • Select Clear Cache and Data.
  • Check to check whether the Disney Plus Error Code 1026 has been resolved by logging in with your Disney+ login details at this time.

Reinstall the Disney Plus App.:

  • Open the settings menu on your Android device and select Applications, Apps, or Application Manager.
  • After choosing Disney+, tap Force Stop.
  • When you stop the app using force, click Uninstall.
  • Remove the Disney+ application.
  • Restart your smartphone once you’ve successfully uninstalled the Disney+ app.
  • After a restart, reinstall the Disney+ software to determine if the Disney Plus Error Code 1026 has been resolved.

Reset Samsung Smart TV Hub to factory settings:

  • Open the Samsung TV’s settings and choose Support.
  • then choose Self Diagnostics, and finally run Reset Smart Hub.
  • The Disney Plus software will then be reinstalled after the Samsung Smart Hub has been restarted (if required).
  • To check if the issue code 1026 has been repaired, open the Disney Plus app right away and log in.

Try another network and edit the router settings:

  • Your gadget (such as a Samsung Smart TV) should first be unplugged from the current network and plugged into a separate network (e.g., the hotspot of your mobile phone).
  • Open the Disney+ app now to verify that everything is working properly.

Contact Customer Support:

  • If none of these suggestions work, you might try contacting Disney+ Customer Support and explaining your situation.
  • They will assist you and are available around-the-clock, seven days a week, no matter where you live.

Activate Disney Plus:

We have comprehensive step-by-step guides for every supported device if you want to learn how to activate Disney Plus on another device. To choose your device and view detailed activation instructions, choose one of the links below:

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