In this blog, we will discuss what Crunchyroll is and how to activate Crunchyroll using crunchyroll.com/activate URL.

Crunchyroll is an American distributor, production, publisher, and license business with a concentration on streaming anime, drama, and manga.

  • A group of graduates from the University of California, Berkeley founded it in 2006.
  • Its main office is in San Francisco, California, in the United States. More than 100 million users across the world receive entertainment from Crunchyroll’s distribution channel and collaboration programme.
  • Users can access 1,000 anime series, more than 200 East Asian dramas, and about 80 manga titles on Crunchyroll.
  • However, due to licencing limitations, not every programme is available everywhere.
  • How to activate Crunchyroll on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox is simply explained in this article.

Follow the steps listed below in this tutorial to enable Crunchyroll using www.crunchyroll.com/activate:

  • Crunchyroll can be activated by opening the app on your phone.
  • Select the link your account option.
  • The display shows a code for activation.
  • Access your Crunchyroll account by going to https://www.crunchyroll.com/activate and logging in.
  • In the event that you don’t already have one, create an account.
  • Enter the code that appears in the app after selecting the link option.
  • Selecting “connect device” will successfully activate your account.

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How to Activate Crunchyroll on Roku?

We will use crunchyroll.com/activate URL for demonstration:

  • Log in to your Crunchyroll channel.
  • To link your account, click the link.
  • On the screen, a registration code is visible.
  • Log in with the same account at crunchroll.com/activate.
  • the Roku enrollment code should be entered.
  • To enable Crunchyroll on your Roku, click Continue or “connect device” and then click Continue again.

How to activate Crunchyroll on Apple TV?

We will use crunchyroll.com/activate URL for demonstration:

  • Using Apple TV
  • Click on the App Store link on your home page.
  • After that, select the search tab and enter “Crunchyroll.”
  • Pick the Crunchyroll app from the list of results.
  • Click the installation button on the Crunchyroll app page.
  • Open the Crunchyroll application after installation.
  • After that, enter your login information to access your account.
  • An activation code will eventually show up on your display.
  • Now use any other device, whether a computer or a mobile device, to access www.crunchyroll.com/activate.
  • You’ll be prompted by the user to enter your activation key.
  • In the relevant field, type the activated code.
  • On the activation button, click.
  • Crunchyroll is now available on Apple TV.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Android?

  • Activate the Play Store.
  • Once there, look for “crunchyroll” using the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Select Crunchyroll from the list of results.
  • To download the app to your smartphone, click Download next.
  • Crunchy Roll for Android installation
  • Once the programme has been downloaded, launch it by tapping the Login button on the home screen.
  • Connect your Android device to CrunchyRoll.
  • Then, to complete the procedure, enter your email address or username and password and click Sign In.
  • You will successfully sign in after a short while and be able to browse Crunchyroll’s selection.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5?

We will use crunchyroll.com/activate URL for demonstration:

  • Visit www.crunchyroll.com/activate to log into your Crunchyroll account.
  • Visit the PlayStation shop and download the Crunchyroll app.
  • Open the app, then log in.
  • There will be a connection code for your account.
  • Visit www.crunchyroll.com/activate to activate the app using the activation code.
  • You can now use the Crunchyroll app on PlayStation to view your fave anime after a successful test.

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How to Crunchyroll activate on Amazon Fire TV?

  • Set your Firestick to on.
  • From the list of suggestions, select the Crunchyroll app.
  • Installation will require some time.
  • Locate the sign-in option, then input your account information.
  • An activation code will appear on your monitor after a short while.
  • Now access crunchyroll.com/activate from any other device, whether a computer or a mobile device.
  • You will be asked to input your activation code after visiting this website.
  • In the relevant field, enter the number of activations.
  • Simply click the activate button after entering the activation code in the corresponding field.
  • You can start using Amazon Fire TV to play Crunchyroll after a short while.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X?

We will use crunchyroll.com/activate URL for demonstration:

  • The Crunchyroll app is available for download via the Xbox app store.
  • Install the app and run it.
  • Log in. The display of an activation code is required.
  • Go to crunchyroll.com/activate on your PC or mobile device and log in to your Crunchyroll account.
  • Enter your Xbox activation codes.
  • Hit “Activate.”

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Wii U?

We will use crunchyroll.com/activate URL for demonstration:

  • Access your Nintendo eShop and download the free Crunchyroll app as a first step.
  • Open the programme after downloading it, and then click the left-hand vertical menu to enter the login screen.
  • Wii U Connect Login Screen
  • When you arrive at your login page, enter the code as it appears on the screen.
  • Following that, you should launch a web browser on your computer or mobile device, navigate to Crunchyroll.com’s activation page, and log in using your account.
  • Enter the code you already acquired in step 3 at this point.
  • the device’s connection to Crunchyroll.
  • Once that is done, choose the Link Device and wait for the Wii U screen to update so that you may use Crunchyroll on the Nintendo system as usual.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Chromecast?

  • Install the Crunchyroll app on your iPhone and Android device.
  • You can get it from the Play Store and its App Store if you don’t already have it.
  • Ensure that Chromecast and your mobile device are both connected to your home network.
  • Launch Crunchyroll, then look for your casting button.
  • Turn on the display’s upper right corner.
  • within the CrunchyRoll programme, selecting the Cast button
  • If you see it, give it a single tap before selecting the Google Chromecast device from the list of options.
  • Enjoy using the Chromecast device to stream anything.
  • You don’t need to register like you normally would because the content streams through your phone.
  • On any mobile device, confirm that your Crunchyroll account is signed in.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Any Device?

We will use crunchyroll.com/activate URL for demonstration:

  • Open the Crunchyroll app, and then choose the “Link to Account” option.
  • Log into your Crunchyroll account at https://www.crunchyroll.com/activate.
  • Create an account, and for those who don’t have one, create one.
  • Enter the code that appears in the programme after choosing the link option.
  • Your account will be successfully activated after you click “connect device.”

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Popular shows available on Crunchyroll:

  • The Magus’ Ancient Bride
  • Dr. STONE Kabaneri of the Tower of God’s Iron Fortress
  • Regarding ZERO: Beginning Life in a Different World, Black Clover
  • Natsu Tokuden
  • Return of an MMO Addict.

What is Crunchyroll?

watch Crunchyroll
  • One of the most widely used streaming services for manga and amine is Crunchyroll.
  • All of the manga and amine series are available on Crunchyroll.
  • Any device with Crunchyroll support can access the whole manga and amine library.
  • You must first activate your device on www.Crunchyroll.com/activate in order to stream these programmes.
  • You must log into Crunchyroll at crunchyroll.com/login before the Crunchyroll activation process can begin. Please create an account on Crunchyroll.

List of devices that can support Crunchyroll:

  • Chromecast
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Apple ios
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Roku Box
  • Fire TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Vita

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Crunchyroll.com/activate – FAQ’S

How do I cancel my free account on Crunchyroll?

  • Visit crunchyroll.com and log in after that.
  • Visit crunchyroll.com/nuke right away.
  • A Crunchyroll survey that requests an explanation for the rejection will appear.
  • Keep in mind that the form is not necessary. Therefore, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to fill it out.
  • To delete your account, select “OK” after that.

Is Crunchyroll cost-free?

Crunchyroll is available for free. However, the free version includes advertisements.
Users can upgrade to an ad-free version by using the premium subscription.

What’s the price of Crunchyroll cost?

If you’re in the market to upgrade to the higher-quality version of Crunchyroll that is free of advertisements.
It’s $7.99 for a month.

Is Crunchyroll an illegal activity?

Crunchyroll is entirely legal.

Is Crunchyroll available for free when you sign up for Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime members will receive the opportunity to try for 30 days free Crunchyroll.

Is Crunchyroll superior to Netflix?

The website Crunchyroll is incredibly well-liked among anime viewers. Netflix isn’t the most widely used streaming service, but it’s still a terrific location to watch anime because it has an infinite supply of anime.


  • We’ve explained how to activate the Crunchyroll App for all streaming devices in this post.
  • If you don’t follow the instructions for your specific device, you won’t be able to activate the app.
  • About www.Crunchyroll.com/activate, that is.
  • I hope you find this information interesting. You’ve benefited a lot from it.
  • You can leave a comment if you have any problems with this Crunchyroll enabled

Reference url: www.Crunchyroll.com/activate